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Hello Brave Fellow Members - Please Help Me Understand

Hello, I recently started using Brave. At first I was hesitant because it was totally unknown and brand new to me, but living in a 3rd world country and being able to make dollars even .50c a day from using a browser is a big deal and worth it. So I verified the wallet and put this Reddit account. Now when I went to go log into the creators page again, to see if the referral program is open to invite my friends since it wasn't two days ago, I noticed I have 0.95 BAT pending. It was so surprising it makes me question if it's even real. It's mind blowing, where did this come from?! This may not seem like a lot of money in big countries like Canada or United States, but $1 USD a day in my country can go farther than people realize. Eggs are .10c USD here, that's ten eggs or family of 3 well fed for breakfast. I am now very motivated to use Brave and was wanting to know how can I repeat the results to get another 0.95 BAT on the creator page? (I appreciate any help, thank you so much in advanced for your time!)
Go to self.BATProject
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