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Future value & usage question.

I'm having a hard time understanding the value of BAT given the current model. This is in no way a negative post, I genuinely want to fully understand how it works and I think I am missing something. The ad tech that Brave is providing is awesome. They found a way to locally target ads to a user on the device without sharing any data. It's a great solution to a HUGE problem. Google AdMob, Facebook, and the rest of them are scrambling to find this solution, especially now that iOS14 is about to cut off their personal data supply. Here is my disconnect. Since BAT is basically a reward for viewing ads, that reward needs to have a use. In the "old" ad model rewarded ads give a user in app currency they desire (in game tokens, extra lives, etc...). So the user views an ad, and gets their reward. The Brave ad model is the same, except the reward of BAT has no use to the user. What am I missing here? The ad cost is based on USD. The earning ratio is based on USD, meaning you earn less as BAT price rises. And the tipping usage flies in the face of the whole thing as it is NOT based on USD. Meaning you earn at a lower rate, and tip at a flat BAT rate, which is silly. So it seems that the value of BAT is only HODLing and hoping the price goes up? If so, then great.. but what pushes the price up? Seems like it should be a stable coin based on USD. Again, not being negative, I own quite a bit of BAT and am seriously hoping I am missing the big picture. Thanks!
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