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FTX Here We Come?

Future recipients of Brave Rewards will need a simple and cost-efficient way to get their Rewards into a Solana wallet. Yet, there is little current evidence that Uphold or Gemini will soon support such functionality for BAT. But never fear: Brave almost certainly has this issue well covered and the specific name of that cover is FTX, There is circumstantial evidence that a non-exclusive partnership for the new Brave Wallet has been in the works with the FTX crypto exchange since at least May/June of 2021. An announcement date for this is not predictable, but one can expect that Brave and FTX will try to make some news out of the partnership. If you are skeptical about the prediction, do compare this recent talk from Brendan Eich (cued to the interesting bit): "Options for centralized exchanges .. coming in the Brave wallet too" []( to this recent interview of Brett Harrison, the President of FTX US (interesting bit starts at 6:51): "White Label Partner ... KYC/AML ... Fiat On-Ramps and Off-Ramps" []( So, you may be able to get a nice head start on the practical use of Brave's forthcoming Solana integration by opening an FTX account now. If you nose around on YouTube crypto channels you might find an affiliate link that - if you follow it as your entry to the new account process - will offer a substantial reduction in trading fees. Please note that []( and may have differing affiliate deals, so do find a link matched to your region. FTX currently leads other crypto exchanges in the depth and convenience of its Solana integration. If my prediction here about a Brave partnership doesn't pan out, you will still have a crypto account with a superb interface to Solana and that could be increasingly useful, BAT or not. For example, Solana DeFi yiel...
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