From an Ex-BAT Hoarder to a Current BAT Auto-Contributer: Why Auto-Contribute (or Tipping) is in YOUR Best Interest During the Downturn

self.BATProject6d ago
Hello fellow BAT fanatics. This crypto downturn isn't fun at all, and BAT's value is going down with the ship at the moment. Most of the alt cryptos don't survive bear markets, but obviously if you're here you believe in BAT and the BRAVE team like I do. So, here's my thesis: if you're making somewhere between 2-6 BAT / month through your browser (which it seems like many of us are), then I'd suggest turning on auto-contribute or do manual tipping for a small percentage of that BAT (1-2 BAT/month) if you haven't already. Reasons: 1. When more websites you use collect BAT, they'll research more about it, adding liquidity to the market (either buying or selling through exchanges), and will be more aware of the BRAVE ecosystem. 2. These companies are made up of people, and if these people see a spike in BAT in their accounts, they will associate that with increased demand / excitement for the project. 3. This can have a snowball effect, where they learn about the features of BRAVE, download the browser at home, tell their friends, etc (you know how this works lol). 4. For us, the opportunity cost is low at the moment (since BAT is cheap and we will start earning more BAT/ad viewed). If we all hold every BAT we acquire through ads, we're not supporting the ecosystem, which increases the chances BRAVE's new model doesn't succeed. Especially in a crypto bear market, that could increase the chances BAT tumbles even further. 5. Giving 1-2 BAT/month (at the current rate) means donating $0.40-$0.80/month to the sites you frequent, and potentially increasing the potential pool of BRAVE users / future ad revenue and increasing the likelihood that BAT thrives in the next bull cycle. 6. Alternatively, NOT giving 1-2 BAT/month means you'll earn an extra $5 or $10 this year (at current values) but could reduce the demand for sites to become verified by BRAVE, which could further the downturn in a bear market and leave us all wishing we had invested in the project more. The obvious counter-argument is that if/when BAT value rises again in the next bull cycle, you'll wish you had those extra BATs in your wallet. And I agree, if we assume that BAT will survive this current crash. But IMO the best way to approach that is to spend a few dollars / month and buy BAT on the exchanges if you believe in BRAVE and still auto-contribute a portion of your ad revenue to the internet ecosystem. Obviously you're welcome to not auto-contribute anything or tip, but I turned the feature on this month because of these thoughts and I wanted to share my rationale. Thanks to anyone who read this far! Curious to hear why you agree or disagree in the comments. #TeamBAT