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Few questions about Brave and BAT

1) I get BAT simply by logging into a webpage or video that has an ad? 2) Does the amount of BAT given by ad depends on where you are located on earth? I thought about it because I live in Brazil and most of ads that I see are from anouncers from here; plus, our national coin, the Real (R$), is really undervalued compared to the US$, which, I believe, is the most parable fiat to BAT (am I right?). 3) My YouTube started to appear the "skip ad" button on the videos. If I actually skip them, do I still esrn the BAT for the view? 4) Can I use a different wallet apart from Uphold? 5) Is the BAT mineable? Or all the units of the coins were already created? For now, that's it. Appreciate in advance everyone who answers, 🙌🏼.
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