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[Daily BAT Discussion] See BAT Seesaw - August 12, 2018

**August 12, 2018** Hey BAT toddlers! Welcome to the Daily BAT Discussion! **Yesterday's Market Movements - Down/Sideways** Hey guys, sorry been out for a couple days on break! The crypto market has still been volatile as ever. Bitcoin has been going up and down between $6000 and $7000 for the past week, but generally more down than up. We've seen some [Bart action (not-accurate-price example)]( going on more frequently, so the market still feels like a wild stallion trying to calm down. Meanwhile, BAT's been on a [downtrend]( the past couple weeks. Yesterday actually hit quite a devastating low of around 3175 sats, but bounced back up to 3400 [satoshis](\)) at the time of this post ($0.21). While many coins are nearing their historical all-time lows, at least BAT is holding out at around 39th spot in top 100 coins by marketcap. Zooming out, BAT still seems to be in a very [steady upward trend](, though currently at the lower part of the channel. Have a great rest of the weekend everyone! And remember, invest responsibly!! **BAT's Official Telegram channel** Join us on the official BAT telegram! @BATProject Current members: 3595 **Tutorials** Here are some guides for new people getting into crypto, especially BAT. Invest responsibly! * [Brave Payments (How to spend your BAT)]( * [Purchasing BAT through Coinbase and Binance]( **Daily Discussion Rules** Remember, the permitted topics of discussion include, but are not limited to: * price discussion * newbie questions * latest BAT/crypto news * ideas for BAT promotion * interesting BAT stories * moon and lambo talk (memes, dreams, rocket machines) * therapy se...
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