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[Daily BAT Discussion] Rumbling Canyon - July 9, 2018

**July 9, 2018** Hey BAT explorers! Welcome to the Daily BAT Discussion! **Yesterday's Market Movements - Slightly Up** Another semi-uneventful day yesterday, but still holding steady. Same 100 BTC volume on Binance, but increasing from 3900s to 4100s, and then leveling off to 4000 [satoshis](\)) by this morning ($0.27). Bitcoin and Ethereum still moving sideways after the quick gains from a few days ago. We've been touching the top of the channel for our 2-month Bitcoin downtrend, so this week might be intense. No idea if we're going to go up or down, but any sideways movement to break out of the channel would be pretty good. Hope you guys have an eventful Monday. Take care! **BAT's Official Telegram channel** Join us on the official BAT telegram! @BATProject Current members: 3090 **Tutorials** Here are some guides for new people getting into crypto, especially BAT. Invest responsibly! * [Brave Payments (How to spend your BAT)]( * [Purchasing BAT through Coinbase and Binance]( **Daily Discussion Rules** Remember, the permitted topics of discussion include, but are not limited to: * price discussion * newbie questions * latest BAT/crypto news * ideas for BAT promotion * interesting BAT stories * moon and lambo talk (memes, dreams, rocket machines) * therapy sessions (during crypto recessions) * other coins/tokens as they relate to BAT (such as, "Hey guys, do you think coin-X is better than BAT?") Oh hey, don't forget to **upvote!** *Disclaimer: All content on BAT Dailies are not affiliated with the official Brave or BAT team, and are solely run and provided by the BAT community unless otherwise stated.*
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