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Crypto exposure, trust and availability to the broader public

Hi, I wanted to start a discussion about availability of crypto and trust with exchanges. After seeing the recent scam: I think the general public still views crypto in a negative light. Having coinbase as a legitimate company that must abide by SEC rules could quell those concerns. I know older people buying coinbase stock because although they don't really believe in crypto, they believe in other people believe in crypto. This is the next step in public adoption. So probably my biggest topic is availability. I wanted to buy some XRP on coinbase but it is currently unavailable because of a pending SEC lawsuit. Now I'm sure there's a way to buy XRP somehow, but I decided to just forget about it. I don't want to transfer money to a Korean DEX I know nothing about. And that got me thinking about the average lazy person, like me. I just want to use coinbase to buy crypto. I'm probably on the lower-end of computer-literate. There's currently only 60 cryptos that can be purchased on coinbase. Considering that there's thousands of cryptos, those 60 have a wider audience. Having less cryptos to choose from is good because BAT is less likely to be lost in the crowd. The exclusivity legitimizes these cryptos (in some sense). I don't have like a point I'm trying to prove in this post. I'm just thinking about how the crypto market is evolving and how this gradual adoption could embolden BAT.
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