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Coordinated BAT tipping deployments??

I’ve seen this idea thrown out in here before but not sure if anything ever came if it. I think it would be really cool and perhaps needle moving if the BAT community decided to work as a team to drive organic growth in smart and coordinated ways. Spit balling, but this would involve specific windows of time where the BAT community were to engage in coordinated, high-velocity tipping deployments to a pre-designated youtube/twitch/twitter account, etc that has enormous reach in a relevant demographic. In exchange, the account owner will hopefully become a BAT evangelist and spread the Good News! For anyone whose tried to do any work on valuation, user adoption is by far the single most important factor in terms of the valuation equation for BAT at this stage. This might be a needle moving way to drive organic growth and allow BAT to continue hyper growth at a relatively low cost to Brave the company. Could be cool. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
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