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Can you imagine?

With the recent tweet announcing Reddit/Twitter support is coming soon, with YouTube and Twitch already here, can you imagine paying someone on the internet without sending any details? In the current system, if I wanted to say gift $10 to a Redditor, or a Tweeter, or a Facebook user (Coming Soon?), what would I have to do? I'd have to first: reach out to them, which might not even be possible if they're popular, busy, or don't check messages (or even allow them). Let's say this person actually does end up responding, great! On to the next step. How do they want to receive the money? Paypal? Venmo? Square? AliPay? What if I don't use the one they want? Lastly, for almost all of these payment methods if I was to pay them, it would release some of their information. Whether it's their address, e-mail address, full name, whatever. 9/10 times paying someone with these methods will require the receiver to reveal some personal information. However with BAT, it completely changes everything. I don't need to hope they use the same payment processor, (I can still send them BAT, regardless if they already have a wallet or not), I don't need to wait for them to reply, I can do it all without them even knowing, all without revealing personal information. Brave Ads aside, the payment/patreon feature of paying Reddit/Twitch/Twitter users alone is a HUGE step for online payments. tl;dr With BAT I can finally pay random people online without them giving me any info, hoping they use the same payment processor, etc. and without them knowing.
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