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Built-in Ethereum remote client / wallet / Dapp browser update notes || I think this will be huge for growth of new users both to crypto and the Brave browser

We're in the process of adding a first class Ethereum remote client / wallet feature to Brave by integrating a fork of Metamask that we'll modify, enhance and maintain. Sometimes native APIs that only Brave supports will be used, in those cases it probably doesn't make sense to upstream those parts. We'll be upstreaming as much as we can to MetaMask. We have been, and will continue to collaborate with the MetaMask team as this work progresses. Some bigger main differences will be: Initial UI will not include a browser action button, but be a menu item in the hamburger menu that opens up the full wallet view. Dapp detection UI and popup UI will be used. The user will need to give permission to a page to see any available API (e.g. EIP 1102 window.ethereum and web3). It will use Brave branding. The UI will be modified in some ways. The seed key will be derived from the Brave key (currently only used for Sync) via a 1 way transformation. Which means you only need to backup 1 set of BIP-39 style codewords and then you can use either or both of client side encrypted sync and the wallet. Sync uses curve25519 whereas Ethereum uses secp256k1. Rollout: Desktop will be rolled out first. Android is in the process of being re-written on top of Brave Core and it will support this feature after we add extension support here #4493. We are planning to also tie into Samsung and HTC private enclave and / or wallet. Future Brave rewards features will integrate and use this wallet support for P2P transactions.
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