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Brendan Eich (CEO) comes on BAT Telegram and proposes BraveVPN which can be paid for with BAT

*(Excluding intervening messages from other users.)* **Brendan (8:09PM ET, Aug. 3rd, 2018):** Hey random q: should we do BraveVPN? Tor tabs good for greater/different threats (nation states, eventually, when we think Tor tabs are on par with TorBrowser — i.e., NOT YET lol) but BraveVPN for zero-cost copyright hackaround & other such “sub-Tor” use cases could be good. Not free but BAT accepted & we are giving out recurring user grants So Tor tabs is in beta due to subtle info leaks a network-level adversary who sees all your outbound traffic might exploit. We have not added UX to let you pick exit region. Tor a bit heavy & breaky compared to VPN So decentralized VPNs (mysterium, substratum, privatix network \[I don't know much about this one\], orchid labs) are not near to reality AFAICT. @yankee902 we have choice of exit region on aspirational roadmap but i haven't raised it recently. will ping back but VPN != Tor and when you want a VPN, you may not want Tor we would do it right: open source only, SGX on baremetal for SRA a la Signal's blind contact matchmaker, Algo open source verifiable builds, etc. in threat model terms, Tor is for network-level/nation-state threats; BraveVPN is for working around stupid zero-economics copyright video blocks based on Geo-IP etc. and usual VPN uses to respond to general sentiment, my thought for any putative BraveVPN is to let users buy "by the yard" using BAT they get from grants \_ab initio\_ or ongoing BAT ad revshare. \_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_ The official BAT Telegram is `@BATProject`. [](
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