Brave Rewards linking limits are going to be removed after the May payout

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Hi all, thanks for your comments. I can state that the linking limit removal is live in our staging (test) environment, but has not yet been deployed to the live production environment. We are still in the midst of testing. When we find issues during testing (which we have), we have to roll fixes to resolve those issues and retest. Sometimes these fixes require larger code changes than expected, which adds to the difficulty of giving an exact release date. I think it might also be helpful to mention that our initial timeline was affected by our decision to pivot from a solution that gave users the ability to manage their linked devices (which was essentially code-complete), to one that removes linking limits altogether. We pivoted to the latter solution after some additional deliberation, for although we knew it would take longer to implement (and code we had already written would no longer be used!), we agreed that it would be the better path in the long run. In any case, I regret that specific dates were mentioned, since we know it can lead to certain false expectations. Our current target—and it's important to say "target", not precise release date—is to get everything live in production by the end of April, as I've communicated on some other socials. However, it's possible we don't feel confident enough on exactly the last day of April to press the big green button. However, we're getting very close to the finish line. Some more context about linking limit removal: This particular change is big in the sense that the consequences of getting it wrong can be rather serious. We've relied on linking limits for a long time, and they serve an extremely important purpose in our ecosystem. We are also aware that there are bad actors who are chomping at the bits for the linking limit to be removed. With this mind, we want to make sure we feel confident before deploying to production. That said, we 100% understand and empathize with legitimate users who've been stuck at the linking limit. We too want to see this solution live as soon as possible. In the meantime, the support team and I have been assisting users with unlinking old devices as much as we can. It's a manual process, but I am willing to help and do it until the above work is complete. If you are still struggling with the linking limit, @archmeister8 @spa31 @elcoinkeur, I can personally help you. It's very important to follow these instructions so that I can effectively clear a linking slot for you ASAP without a lot of back-and-forth correspondence: If you have access to any of your devices that were verified (one of your first 4 devices to verify), please send an email to me with: The brave://rewards-internals general info tab of that device. (Go to brave://rewards-internals and copy-paste the text from the General Info tab.) A list of the brave://rewards-internals general info tab of all the currently verified devices that you'd like to keep. I will remove a device that you do not list. If you do not have access to any of your devices that were verified (none of the first 4 devices), then: If you are on Uphold, please log in to your Uphold account and locate your Uphold Member ID. It should be in settings inside the dashboard. Please send that to Uphold Member ID to me. I will then unlink an old device of yours at random. If you are on Gemini, then it may not be possible, and it would be unusual for the linking limit to have been reached, as the Gemini integration was released on August 31, 2021. But you can send me an email in any case and we'll try to figure something out. You can send me an email with subject: Unlinking request from Github. My email is [email protected] I hope this was helpful, and I thank everyone for their patience.