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Brave iOS Improvements Needed

Hi BAT team, It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, and I just wanted to raise a few things, last year I switched from Safari on Mac to Brave and the transition has been great and now that iOS allows for Brave to be the default browser on iOS devices I’ve just done so on iPad/iPhone. I understand that Brave is working with Apple in relation to finding a solution regarding the syncing of multiple devices and hopefully some positive news comes out soon about that, however, in the mean time some things I’ve noticed straight off the BAT (see what I did there) that could use improvement is in usability, for example I was surprised to see the lack of keyboard shortcuts and so to save a bookmark meant a lot of taps instead of a simple cmd+d. Also the ability to use multiple instances of Brave would be nice, in Safari on iPad I use a single instance for things like WhatsApp Web, with some other tabs that I use all the time, then I use another instance of Safari with loads of tabs of coding sites for languages that I’m currently learning and so forth, this helps me to keep things organised and not just a single app instance with tens of tabs, the ability to open instances side by side would also be gratefully received. Just wanted to share a few initial thoughts and hopefully these changes are coming in a future update soon. Thanks! Edited: Cleaned up some duplicated words.
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