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BAT + xDai collaboration

Has brave considered working with xdai (layer 2 solution) to withdraw bat tokens? For reduced gas costs and micro transactions. Xdai is an ethereum layer 2 solution using posdao.. BAT can be locked in an ethereum smart contract bridged to the xdai chain and be withdrawn directly to users xdai wallets! A transaction costs $0.00002 (which can be paid by the user).. NO UPHOLD required! Users can then pay the gas to withdraw their BAT to the main ethereum chain if they want or remain on the xdai chain.. It would require little additional development on braves behalf, especially with the new crypto wallet plugin.. It could be done with a "withdraw to xdai" button. Super easy to understand info at: []( DM if you have any questions.. or hit up Ivan in discord P.s. xDai is currently working with reddit to distribute $moon tokens. This is a good example of how BAT can be integrated!
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