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BAT needs a new logo

Both Bitcoin and Ethereum have a killer logo, but I feel BAT logo is a bit weak. The current triangle logo is soulless. It's like an early conceptual prototype from a PowerPoint slide. Also it looks ugly when you see these triangles scattered around on Reddit or Twitter. We can do much better. We have this lovely lion logo. Why not pick another mascot for the Basic Attention Token ? And of course it would be a bat (without becoming batman). People are getting crazy over MoonCats and other NFT. A lovely bat logo would make the Basic Attention Token collectible and it would generate memes for massive growth hacking. I am sure the talented Brave team could design this. Or maybe Brave could launch a design contest in the community and give BAT tokens as a prize to the contest winner? (I am just brainstorming ideas, I am not saying this is the absolute way to go.)
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