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BAT hype mob: recruiting

The price of nearly all cryptos is based on hype. BAT happens to be a rare exception, in that it has a value proposition and a reason to exist. However, it does not have a hype mob... And therefore it's vastly under valued compared to nearly all the crap out there with little to no reason to exist. We investors in BAT aren't here for the altruism of helping a noble cause; we're here because we want the price to go up. So I'm proposing a simple bit of hyping from the community. I'm a member of a few crypto groups on Facebook. Posts like this below happen daily. Sometimes multiple times daily. I believe if 10. 100. Whatever... Just A NUMBER of people from this group, whenever they see a post like this on Facebook, just type "BAT", then like anyone else's reply that says BAT. It takes virtually no time. It's not a reply to 1 person. It's a reply to the thousands of people who see these posts every day. It's an indicator to everyone reading that BAT has an active community and an active hype mob, which is one of the main reasons a lot of people buy in. I don't think it's a coincidence that the last pump happened during all that "BAT to $40" nonsense. That's just how fricking stupid crypto is. So who's in? Literally just join the groups and type "BAT" whenever anyone ask for recommendations / posts a poll... It takes 2 seconds. And any other platform suggestions where people can do the same, please share.
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