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BAT ad exchange questions

Was hoping someone from the project could answer some questions on BAT. What most people seem to overlook, in my estimation, is that this is primarily a new ad exchange project. And Brave is just the first (and highly important catalyst) supply side partner. So my questions are: 1. Given the new ad formats (such as the user ads), is the team expecting to be able to plug into other existing demand sources? And thus turn-on-the-tap supply of ad demand? I'm assuming they wont be hiring a full ad sales team.. 2. How would this work with other supply side partners? Would BAT take a mediation fee, and would would this be auction based? 3. And, how do advertisers end up transacting in BAT? Does their USD get converted on a floating exchange at point of purchase? I'm quite excited about the potential of this project, but interested to extrapolate a bit further down the road and haven't seen anything on this aspect of it. Thanks in advance to anyone who can discuss!
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