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Apparently we don't own our BAT if we self tip ourselves to sidestep no withdrawals via mobile?

This last weekend I had 150 bat frozen as suspicious from my Brave Creators account that I had self tipped because mobile withdrawal has still not been put in place. An interesting note I noticed on the appeal page was, and I really regret not getting a screenshot of it now, a statement to the effect that we will never freeze "your" BAT. Does that mean Brave doesn't consider BAT in our creators account ours once we get tipped it and/or the tipper's once they tip it to us? I realize Brave has a stake and duty to it by nature of facilitating and running this service, but I found that interesting. Before anyone accuses me of not giving Brave a fair shot to make things right and unfreeze my funds, despite being utterly pissed off about being punished for a workaround expressly allowed, if not endorsed, by Brave for a shortcoming in their software, this is the second week-day and the 4th day overall since I noticed it, and the transfer to Uphold for this month started well before that, so they've had plenty of notice. This is now how you get users to trust you or your service.
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