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Ad Earnings paid out on Exiting Program ?

So... It looks very likely that I will be turning off Brave Rewards once I receive payment for Sept 2020 earnings. Ads have dropped through the floor... and beyond... since July. I don't see the point in continuing until Brave creates an in-browser BAT publishers store or something neat like that. The question is: **If I turn off Rewards and have a verified Uphold account linked to the Browser, do I still get my `0.34` BAT earned through the partial month of October?** Will my $0.06 of BAT appear in my verified Uphold account on Nov 5th,6th,7th, or 8th? I wrote a little BASH program to tabulate my earnings stored in the local JSON file. Running the program requires: + Brave on GNU/Linux + [jq]( + [bc]( *"Excuse the crudeness of my model. I didn't have time to paint it."* #!/bin/bash min_bat=0.20 year=$(date +%y) this_month=$(date +%m) last_month=$(date +%m -d "last month") rewards_file=$(find ~/.config -type f -size +2k -iname confirmations.json) rewards=$(cat "$rewards_file" |jq .ads_rewards.payments |jq -r '(map(keys) | add | unique) as $cols | map(. as $row | $cols | map($row[.])) as $rows | $cols, $rows[] | @csv' |grep '^[0-9]' |sed 's/"//g' |tac) last_bat=$(echo "$rewards" |grep "$year-$last_month"|cut -d ',' -f1) now_bat=$(echo "$rewards" |grep "$year-$this_month"|cut -d ',' -f1) last_bat_usd=$(echo "scale=2;$last_bat*$min_bat" |bc) now_bat_usd=$(echo "scale=2;$now_bat*$min_bat" |bc) bat=$(echo "$rewards" |cut -d ',' -f1|paste -sd+ - | bc) bat_usd=$(echo "scale=2;$bat*$min_bat" |bc) printf "\nRewards Table pulled from confirmations.json\n" echo -e "----------------------------------\n" echo "$rewards" echo -e "----------------------------------\n" printf "BAT earned last month:\t %.2f BAT\t $%.2f\n" $last_bat $last_bat_usd printf "BAT earned this month:\t %.2f BAT\t $%.2f\n" $now_bat $now_bat_usd echo -e "--...
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