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A question about investing in BAT/DeFi

*Disclaimer: This post shouldn't be taken as financial advice please. Everyone including myself should always conduct their own research. I am asking the community to purely discuss it and brainstorm if you will.* Hello! I hope this post finds you well. I usually keep my BAT earnings circulated in the ecosystem (tipping, contributions etc) and lately I decided to hodl a little amount around ~50 To be clear I can't even afford gas fees at this point, so I want to hear from you if investing that 50 BAT or so using Argent wallet and DeFi would be a good idea to earn some few bucks in return? I am completely new to DeFi and I'm not expecting to make much but I want to hear from you and learn and earn a little bit of interest meanwhile. Thank you in advance for all your ideas and thoughts.
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