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A few more questions about BAT

I asked a question two days ago (“How does Brave uphold its privacy stance...?”) on this sub and the feedback I got was great, really helped clarify things for me. As I said in my previous post I’m a huge blockchain/ crypto enthusiast and am trying to really embrace as much of it as possible. It’s a new space and can be quite difficult to understand at times, especially since I have no coding experience. I come from a financial background. I understand BAT is a token that allows advertisers to advertise to users who opt in to be advertised to. I just had clarified this matchmaking so-to-speak is done on the clients end, not on a servers end. Very cool in my opinion. This really changes the entire web paradigm. What I don’t understand is Can this tech only be used with Braves web browser/ app? Can other browsers/ apps use this token? In the short time I’ve been using Brave, I’ve only received ads that open in a new tab. Can ads be integrated into webpages as well? Lastly, if I as the user receiving BAT, opts not to “tip” webpages, opting to withdraw the BAT for myself, how do publishers get rewarded?
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