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Recent Bancor team message in Telegram

Below are all recent comments made by the Bancor founders on the official [Telegram Channel]( --------------------------- **Benefits of token changer** *Guy*: "Remove dependency on exchanges by enabling on-chain settlement with no counterparty using an automated market maker. Your token changer can also charge a fee for conversions, which would incentivize 3rd parties to become liquidity providers to your token changer. This means anyone can buy your token changer and become essentially a pro-rata owner of this 'exchange' pairing. Your token will also become connected to the Bancor network, creating the shortest amount of hops to other tokens (limited to Ethereum blockchain today, and cross blockchain in the future)." --------------------------- **More about Bancor** *Guy*: "A full smart token has all the advantages listed above, with additional ones as well. This includes benefiting from the network effect of the BNT liquidity network, integrated protocol capabilities (coming soon) such as deligated account recovery, onchain vault and other intrinsic functionality of a Bancor smart token. Bancor's APIs will enable you to easily access this smart contract functionality from your own UX or use ours. Additionally, the ability of the smart contract to create and destroy tokens decreases volatility, limiting some of swings experienced from speculation and potentially provide regulatory benefits in certain use cases. The reserve ratio provides you with the ability to control (and in the future adjust if you wish) the liquidity available to token holders." --------------------------- **Stox Purchasing Bancor** *Guy*: "My understanding is it is imminent, but we have no control over the matter. Best to ask the Stox team." --------------------------- **Marketing/Communication** *Guy*: "@Hertzog is about to do a panel on ICOs at Techcrunch, followed by an interview with CNBC. I will ask him when he's done if he can get more info." -----------...
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