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not enough vbnt to unstake my bnt?

i have been staking bnt tokens in different pools. when i wanted to unstake some of it (after reaching full impermanent loss protection) i was confronted with the fact that the amount of vbnt i own is by far less than the amount i need (about 1/7 of the amount needed if i wanted to unstake all of my staked bnt). i assumed that i need the same amount of vbnt (or less) to unstake that I received when i staked my bnt. so what did i miss? right now, i feel quite pissed if that’s how this ends.  further information: i have never touched my vbnt (neither sold, nor staked). the bnt i have been rewarded is excluded from the equation. in a separate transaction i have been minting some xbnta but i don’t think that’s in any way relevant for my issue. or is it?
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