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Hoping for feedback on my outline of Bancor and its value proposition

Hi all. I am a relatively new LP on Bancor and have fallen in love with the platform, the tech, and the governance structure. I founded and moderate a sub with around 35 other crypto afficionados who all hold high value crypto accounts. I would like to do a summary piece on Bancor but would appreciate feedback from this community before I post there. Please don't pull any punches and correct me where I'm wrong as I want to be as accurate and objective as possible. Thanks: Distilled Research on Bancor, Decentralized Exchanges, Automated Market Makers, and Smart Money In one of my previous posts, I discussed yield farms as the new ICOs, but I wanted to take the discussion a bit further. Yes, there will be opportunities for quick money if you can out-greater-fool-theory the euphoric fanboys; however, the reason for the craze is that there is some inherent value in idea behind the projects. I do not expect FuelToken, BakerySwap, Narwhal Coin, and CactusFinance to survive, but there will be decentralized exchanges, asset management platforms, AMMs, and yield farms that survive this chaos. I believe Bancor will be one of them. Bancor is an “old” name in the relatively new world of DeFI as they have been around for almost 4 years, survived 2018, and are primed to succeed now and after the bubble burst/correction that is surely coming to the DeFi sector. Here are some of the common themes that the innumerable new DEX projects (Hydra, Reef, 1INCH, etc) are looking to create, fix, or integrate into their platforms: \- Meaningful governance \- Single sided liquidity \- Protection against impermanent loss (IL) \- Built-in financial tools to leverage your assets (yield farming/bonds) \- Insurance against black swan events/hacks \- Intuitive user interface in a complex field \- Cross chain interaction \- Massive liquidity \- Functional tokenomics \- Cheaper transaction fees What is mind blowing to me, is these new projects like [Reef]( o...
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