Lots of posts about marketing and getting on exchanges. But criticism when mentioning price.

self.banano1m ago
What’s the problem? I thought 1 BAN = 1 BAN? So then we shouldn’t care about marketing or getting on exchanges, right? In a similar vein, when you mention the insanity of the devs and founders controlling wallets totaling 100s of millions of Banano, (and how that effects price and perception of Banano, and how there’s a vagueness to their plans to distribute it over their years) it’s swept under the rug or given lame justifications….forced positivity in the face of real daunting facts. This community has a lot of good to it. But when it comes to those things, it’s real bad. I think the many posts about marketing and getting on exchanges shows that (despite the comments about not caring about price, and how real monkes don’t care) a big part of the community DOES care about the price. And why shouldn’t they? 1 BAN will always equal 1 BAN. But if Banano goes to $0.0000000001 then we might as well be tipping and passing around a random shitcoin that happens to be fruit related. So price does matter and people do care about it, despite the devs and founders and many commenters trying to force us to pretend it doesn’t. And I think that the lack of distribution or burning of the 500,000,000+ Banano in the several giveaway wallets is having a huge impact on price and perception ([https://www.yellowspyglass.com/wallets](https://www.yellowspyglass.com/wallets). *My proposal:* There is almost 3 billion active Facebook users. The Banano team has great, creative developers as evidenced by the wrapped Banano creations ([https://wrap.banano.cc/](https://wrap.banano.cc/)). What if you made a Facebook app/bot that allowed each individual Facebook account to get a portion of that 500 million banano? It could be a page that simply detects if the user is logged in with Facebook (or asks them to authenticate a FB account if not logged in), then locally generates a banano private key or seed for them to save. Once they confirm saving the key, the page sends Banano to the address that correlates to the key they saved. Then on the backend the app saves to a database the fact that the unique Facebook account has gotten its portion of Banano being disturbed to the 3 billion. There’s the issue with people having several Facebook accounts and so you can’t perfectly distribute it in a way that no one can get extra. And then there’s the fact of the centralized nature of the distribution. But it’d be better than nothing. Better than a vague plan of distributing the 500+ million over the course of several years. No matter how pure-hearted the Banano devs may be, them controlling that much has got to come to an end. Even some of the shittiest of shitcoins have less centralized dev holdings than that. People drop a coin instantly when doing research and realizing it’s centralization. How long will people give Banano the benefit of ignoring this problem we’d judge other coins about?