Monkeez: What are those?

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Monkeez: What are those?

Monkeez is a collection of 4,000 randomly generated NFTs that live on the Avalanche Blockchain. The Monkeez team has set out to build one of the largest and most engaged communities found within the Avalanche ecosystem. The team is focusing all profits toward the effort for the betterment of the Monkeez ecosystem and providing incentives to all of its holders, while also taking aim to expand, and continue to build a greater Avalanche.

At first glance, A Monkeez NFT is a shockingly awesome Profile Picture (Avatar, PFP) but what else does it provide?

Initial benefits include but are not limited to:

Entry To Real Life Events (IRL) — Details TBA Access to Monkeez Mayhem Access to Exclusive Customizable Merch $MNKZ — Earned Daily for staking your NFT

There are four (4) Unique Tribes that form the Monkeez NFT-ecosystem

Api — 40% of Supply Wobo — 30% of Supply Xeba — 20% of Supply Pelu — 10% of Supply

Identifiable by their fur colors, ( See Above ) Tribes, are the factions of different Monkeez and are utilized for tiered giveaways, exclusive per tribe items, and as keys to access private entry competitions within the Monkeez ecosystem. Beyond these perks, Monkeez NFTs provide holders the option of earning daily rewards in the form of $MNKZ in exchange for staking.

The Amounts rewarded for each Monkeez NFT are determined by which tribe it belongs to:

Api: 5 per day Wobo: 10 per day Xeba: 20 per day Pelu: 40 per day $MNKZ

$MNKZ is an ERC20 ecosystem token built on top of the Avalanche blockchain. The token is designed and developed by the Monkeez team for use in the Monkeez ecosystem.

Be Aware that No current $MNKZ token exists.

Official links and contract addresses will be posted via the Monkeez discord and the Official website. Any other posted links to an MNKZ token are not endorsed, honored, or supported by the Monkeez team.

The Team

The Monkeez Development team is led by @0x_minifridge and @BrobyNFT, both have notable experience in the crypto space and more specifically in designing, and delivering NFT projects “from the ground up” in various spaces and have now set a targeted approach for the adoption and growth of @Monkeez.

The Discord team consists of a team of experienced Community Managers and seasoned moderators.