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Coinbase should keep trading V1 and open a separate orderbook for V2

For those of you who don't know, last year when Augur updated REP to V2 it forked into two separate tokens that AREN'T fungible. You can technically convert V1 into V2, but not the other way around. That makes V1 quite a bit more deflationary than V2. The fork put the exchanges in a bad predicament because they either had to decide whether to list both like Kraken did, or be like Binance who converted the orderbooks to V2 and stopped supporting V1. Coinbase has said they are "working on migrating" the orderbook to V2, but it's been 11 months and no updates have been posted about that. ​ The problem is that the market already has picked a winner. V1 is trading nearly 70% higher than V2, but yet Coinbase wants to get rid of V1 in favor of V2. I think instead of abandoning V1, Coinbase should just add them both. ​ What do you guys think about this?
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