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Augur Weekly Development Update - October 11th

Augur Weekly Development Update — October 11th

v3 Client:

The IPFS development server ( got much quicker this past week. uPort and Ledger integrations are under development, and should be wrapped up soon. The create market process will be completed by the end of the week, and the portfolio view is being worked on. Remaining are the reporting and market views, two of the largest, which are up next.


Development is moving along steady and looking to be on par on our estimated timeline. Lots of PR reviews and discussions around our fee payout structures. The new deployment scripts are just about finished, and soon we will begin testing the deployment of our contracts on a newer testnet.

Augur Node:

The Augur Node project is progressing, with majority of the plumbing built out. Augur Node will be a secondary source of information for the Augur UI, to fetch things such as historical price and order data significantly quicker. Scott will be working on maintaining this project and we should have all the details solidified by next week.

Solidity Compiler:

We’ve gotten some initial feedback from our auditors, leading us both to believe that there probably isn’t a need for a second round. Very few issues have been found so far, and the ones that have been found haven’t been critical problems. We’ve put another 40 hours on the audit to finish up phase one before we come to a final decision.

General News:

Augur was mentioned in a great write up by Kyle Samani of Multicoin Capital on Forbes called ‘How Crypto Will Reshape Capitalism As We Know It’:

We made the Augur Slack invite only for the time being, however you can still apply at If you’re deemed to not be a spammer, you will recieve an invite soon after.

Lastly, a friendly reminder to please audit your own security, as members of the cryptocurrency community continue to have their phone numbers swapped and...

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