Augur Weekly Development Update - July 12th

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Augur Weekly Development Update — July 12th

This week, we’d like to welcome both Alex Chapman and Jackson Broussard to the Augur team! As a back-end developer, Alex will be working on the contracts, focusing on incorporating feedback from audits and testing. As a front-end developer, Jackson is starting to build out IDEO’s new designs for the Augur client. They can both be found in our Slack as @achapman and @jackson, be sure to welcome them aboard if you see them in a channel!

As our IDEO engagement is wrapping up, we’re planning out the roadmap for the new client skin. Their team really took the time to understand Augur and how trading works; they’ve taken input from our entire team, Ron Bernstein, and a dozen or so generous community members who gave us their time. We will release an interactive mockup of the new app once all the screens are finalized at the end of our collaboration.

SmartContractSolutions wrapped up their audit of the Serpent compiler this past week. This was a big task for them, and they delivered great work. Our engineering team will be working with the Serpent maintainers on incorporating the findings over the next few weeks. This is all being documented and will be published with the rest of our audit reports upon completion.

A reminder that we will never, ever, send you a bot message / direct message on Slack about anything related to tokens. There are rampant MyEtherWallet phishing links going about, some coming from the official slackbot. As a best practice for MEW users, always be sure to type the URL yourself into the browser. Never access your wallet with a link you clicked from anywhere.

We created an #announce channel in the Augur Slack that all official communications will come from. You can join our Slack here.

Last but not least, our StackExchange proposal is up to 92%. We only need 8% more committed to get our own beta StackExchange site. Any help taking it the final mile is much appreciated from our whole community!