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ATLANT: A Crypto Real Estate Platform That is Ready to Moon

ATLANT: A Crypto Real Estate Platform That is Ready to Moon

With ATLANT, your investment is almost guaranteed to increase in value and/or provide you with regular income. ATLANT is a novel blockchain-based real estate platform that allows users to invest in property and enjoy a passive income stream without having to purchase entire buildings. Users will be able to trade unique, building-specific cryptocurrency tokens that represent partial ownership of properties. The token holders will then receive a portion of the rental income collected from the buildings. ATLANT will also offer a peer-to-peer (P2P) rental service, competing with the likes of AirBnB. With their decentralized, blockchain-based structure, they will be able to offer much cheaper accommodation than current P2P platforms.

The recently funded project, for which the initial coin offering finished on October 31 2017, has slowly been gaining attention; the market cap has grown from an initial 2.5 million USD up to 25 million USD in just 10 weeks. This increase is just the start for ATLANT though, as this project could easily surpass a 500 million USD market cap once their service is made available to the public in March 2018. This promising cryptocurrency has a strong potential to grow 10 fold or more in the coming months, and is definitely a coin to keep your eye on this year. If you’re considering investing, now is the time to do it; once ATLANT is launched, the sky’s the limit! Here’s why.


The ATLANT roadmap shows that they will be launching their service in March 2018.


Tokenized Ownership

ATLANT’s tokenized ownership allows you to invest in real estate without committing to any of the nitty-gritty of property upkeep or to putting all of your capital into just one expensive basket. Each token you purchase on ATLANT entitles you to a portion of the rent collected, proportional to how much of the building you own. Investors ca...

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