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Why I Am Still Here

In these uncertain times, we could all use some words of encouragement...or better yet a stiff drink. Unfortunately, I can not send you all a bottle of Blanton's bourbon. Instead, I will give you (in no particular order) some of my reasons for not being worried. # 1. Matthew DC Working Full Time I think we can all agree that hearing from Matthew is always a treat. He has a cool head, a rational way of dissecting problems, and is committed to making ARK a force in the industry. He left a career that he spent almost two decades building to work with ARK full he is either insane, the most deluded ARKie of us all, or he has a ton of confidence in the long term viability of the company. Judging from the quality of character he has displayed here, and on the team Slack, I have every reason to believe it is the latter. # 2. The Community If you aren't on the ARK Slack, you should be. Over the past month there has been an outpouring of ideas, enthusiasm, and overall engagement and interest by several community members. Despite the dire tone you mostly see here on Reddit, the Slack channels are often full of chatter about how to help, how to engage, how to create something new, and why we are all excited about ARK and the team's vision. While there is no shortage of trolling and bitching, you will generally find a supportive and positive community, ready to build on and work with an exciting platform. # 3. The Team It's very easy to sit behind a keyboard and criticize the team for X, Y, or Z. BUT, these guys are consistently on top of all of the criticisms and always do their best to reach out and deflate any issues. Moreover, they do it in a way that's not patronizing, and without giving over the top promises. They stick to the reality of the situation, and accept responsibility when they fuck up, but aren't afraid to push back and uphold their core values...even when it may not be the most popular thing to do. I had the privilege of working with and meeti...
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