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SwiftyArk by Awalz - Simple wrapper for accessing Ark accounts, delegates, block, and transaction information written in Swift - Great for iOS Apps!


SwiftyArk is a lightweight framework for the Ark Ecosystem. SwiftyArk provides a simple wrapper for accessing Ark accounts, delegates, block, and transaction information.

SwiftyArk's networking component is fully asynchronous and have extensive error handling. SwiftyArk data structures are type-safe and favor immutability.

Requirements iOS 8.0+ mac OSX 10.10+ Swift 3.0 Documentation

SwiftyArk is 100% documented and available here

Getting Started:

The Ark APi is accessed with the ArkManager:

let manager = ArkManager()

ArkManager handles all network calls and returns results asynchronous in a closure:

manager.delegates { (error, delegates) in if let arkError = error { print(arkError.localizedDescription) return } if let currentDelegates = delegates { // List of delegates } }

With the manager instance, you can access an account:

manager.account(address: "AUexKjGtgsSpVzPLs6jNMM6vJ6znEVTQWK") { (error, arkAccount) in if let account = arkAccount { // Account(address: "AUexKjGtgsSpVzPLs6jNMM6vJ6znEVTQWK", // unconfirmedBalance: 16118512.398923151, // balance: 16118512.398923151, // publicKey: "02ff171adaef486b7db9fc160b28433d20cf43163d56fd28fee72145f0d5219a4b", // unconfirmedSignature: Optional(0), // secondSignature: Optional(0), // multisignatures: Optional([]), // secondPublicKey: nil, // unconfirmedMultisignatures: Optional([])) } }

The manager instance can store a session for easy accessing of an address/delegate:

manager.delegate("jarunik") { (error, delegate) in if let arkDelegate = delegate { // Delegate(username: "jarunik", // address: "Aasu14aTs9ipZdy1FMv7ay1Vqn3jPskA8t", // publicKey: "02c7455bebeadde04728441e0f57f82f972155c088252bf7c1365eb0dc84fbf5de", // votes: 1246983.70585494, // producedblocks: // 28670, // missed...
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