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Quick run-down, thoughts, speculation, and where do we go from here?

The *"crypto for your grandma"*, seems to be intended to create a mass-adoption of blockchain technology through deployable simplicity. The ARK blockchain could be considered slim with 8 second blocktimes, at 200 tx per second. The idea of a scalable lightweight mainchain, seems to be achievable through the ARK platform of communicating blockchains via the usage of smartbridges. This is perhaps why it's sometimes mentioned that the ARK mainchain is to be similar to "TCP/IP". A smartbridge(ARK's "vendor field"), looks to be the basis for our Ark Ecosystem, which is used to communicate chunks of data from different blockchains (our mainchain & sidechains). If we were to extrapolate the aesthetic and functional appeal of the ARK wallet, we might be able to fairly assume that ARK's deployable sidechains could have a similar appeal. To my understanding, the ARK deployable sidechains will allow you to tailor the DPoS system to your liking, with TX allowing us to relay communication of events between mainchain and sidechain. As ARK is still a young project, not all blockchains currently include this vendor field, which is where ACES comes in. The ACES route is used to communicate to blockchains, [w/o the vendor field](, using a "trusted marketplace"(albeit centralized). **However**, it seems difficult finding information on ArkVM, as I'm still unsure if dApps are to be allowed on the mainchain or required to go through sidechains(remember: tcp/ip). If dApps aren't to be on the mainchain, we might suppose that running a dApp will require you at least 1 node. I suppose there'd be a lot of potential solutions to this, perhaps even a free-market one, which would be dApp service providers. I will reiterate though, there doesn't seem to be much clarity on this, and I'd love to hear any of your thoughts. I'd also be interested to hear any analysis or speculation of IPFS...
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