Official Ledger Reschedule Statement –

5Y Ago

Official Ledger Reschedule Statement

Due to the recent Bitcoin hard fork issues, Ledger has rescheduled ARK integration release until September 1st, 2017.

Trust us, the ARK crew is just as upset as everyone else about the reschedule but like all stuff in life, things happen. This Bitcoin hard fork drama has sent the Ledger team into overtime to be able to handle both chains, thus setting back other projects.

Eric, the CEO of Ledger, has talked directly with our lead developer and together they have agreed upon September 1st for an updated release date. As everything in the bitcoin world will hopefully be stable at that time.

While there is nothing we can do about this rescheduling, we will still continue to work in the background on other aspects and projects. Please stay tuned as good news is around the corner.


The ARK Crew