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Log of AMA with - @Reeve-BlockV and @Lukas.

**dr10** *Let us all welcome team from BlockV - @Reeve-BlockV Reeve Collins Reeve-BlockV (Reeve Collins) and @Lukas (Lukas Fluri). You can all start asking them questions. I'd ask team from Blockv to use @ username to the one they are responding to and I'd like to ask all the community to give them some time to catch up if too many questions in backlog, before asking more so questions don't get lost. Thank you!* (edited) **Lukas** I am here :slightly_smiling_face: **dr10** ah good, welcome :smile: **techbytes** Welcome BlockV... **bohemiangreco** @Reeve-BlockV @Lukas As far as looking at your website, I am excited for what BlockV offers. In your own words, what makes BlockV the future? Where did your passion for BlockV stem? **tranzer** Can you tell us what is blockv, who are your current competitors and what are you trying to solve? **bohemiangreco** Assuming some people haven't checked out your website. I think it's important to get that question going. **Reeve-BlockV** Thank you @bohemiangreco we believe that vAtoms will change the worlds relationship with value. Crypto currencies have already changed the way we view digital money. vAtoms open up the use cases far beyond currency and now enable brand to consumer and peer to peer communication, through these objects of value. vAtoms are a smart digital objects that can be written to blockchains and this new asset class will open up entirely new use cases of blockchain technology that were very difficult to execute on before **equaliser** @tranzer What is BlockV? To summarize BlockV think of “Tokenization-as-a-Service” however not just any tokens. We’ve created an entirely new asset class called vAtoms. These are supertokens, tokens with app like qualities, tokens with multi-media attached and the ability to set policy to them. These tokens can be written on any blockchain or exist on our sidechain **equaliser** so that means, you are an interface using different blockchain with th...
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