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ARK Core v2.1 is Live on MainNet: Hello TypeScript!

It’s here! The first significant ARK Core release as we progress toward v3 is live on ARK Public Network. Core v2.1 now sports a stricter TypeScript codebase and increased test coverage. Let’s review the changes.

First things first — Typical ARK users do not have to do anything for this update. All updates will be taken care of in the background by the ARK developers and delegates. The transition should be smooth without any glitches or slowing of the blockchain. However, the timeliness and process of exchanges updating are beyond our control, so you might experience delays on deposits and withdrawals as they make the switch.

The newest Core upgrade is primarily focused on changing the codebase from JavaScript to TypeScript. This means rewriting the entire Core to the TypeScript programming language. While this sounds unreal to accomplish in such a short period of time (the initial new Core v2 was released just over 2 months ago), TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript which makes the conversion easier. One of the advantages of TypeScript is that it reports type and syntax errors at compile time, instead of runtime (when the application is already running live). Also, the stricter rules (the need to define types) make it much more suitable for a blockchain project. TypeScript makes perfect sense for growing projects that need to scale and have multiple developers working on the codebase.

ARK Core has now also been de-branded by renaming all instances of “ARK” to “CORE”. This makes Core more generic and much easier for bridgechains to deploy as there is no need to rename anything, after generating your custom network configuration you are ready to go!

ARK Core v2.1 also introduces 100% test coverage of key components of the Core (Crypto, Blockchain, and Transaction Pool). Great test coverage gives developers confidence that the project is well developed and maintained, and makes it easier to evaluate whether or not a refactoring or add...

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