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ARK Community Video Contest Winner! Made by doubled1c3 of

OMG! I can't believe I won! Keep doing the great work! Subscribe to for more ARK action.This video was made per gonggrabber's specifications for an ARK video contest.All music and video licenses were rightfully purchased for this video.Script:Ever since the dawn.. of the age... of the civilization of mankind- I MEAN HUMANITY...We have fixated on reaching higher, running farther, verbing adverber.Not for us, but for the tiny humans that burst out of us. Weird but true.Blockchains. Floating dots connected by lines. They have the power to improve our world beyond anything we can imagine, probably. Why? Because, reasons.For the first time ever, we can decentralize... everything. And that is why we're out here, on the Red Planet of, building, collaborating, eating exactly one hot dog.ARK empowers everyone, regardless of their aim or technical background, to quickly and easily leverage blockchain technology.ARK is fast, with 8 second blocktimes. Fast, like zoom zoom "whoop whoop" FAST.ARK has beautiful desktop wallets for Mac, PC, and Linux, and mobile wallets for Android and iOS. ARK wallets are the Kate Upton of wallets, or the Tyra Banks of wallets, whatever you're into, ARK is that.The ARK wallet integrates with the Ledger Nano S, to give you unparalleled security while you enter your passcode on a teeny tiny screen.It also integrates with Changelly, to let you buy ARK directly inside the wallet. But I'm not telling you to buy ARK and nothing in this video is financial advice and you should always do your due diligence when dealing with cryptocurrencies and don't just do things because you saw them on a meme cringe video.ARK is building the tools necessary to unite us through SmartBridge technology, linking blockchains together. Blockchains linked on blockchains linked on blockchains.ARK is also constructing a toolkit for deployment of hold on this is a good music part...Nice.ARK is also constructing a toolkit for deployment of your own blockch...

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