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ACF Infographic – ARK Community Fund: Supporting the ARK Ecosystem (Spread the word/graphic)

Dear Ark-Community, so I made this infographic about the ACF showing the key elements it offers (About, Board, Proposals and Bounties). Goal is it that the file can be used by everyone of us – just download/copy and paste – to share it on your social channels (twitter, telegram, …) to increase the attention getting new members on board. Instead of capitulating and being salty due to the bear market it's time to inform each other so that adoption can happen. There are two different layouts available. Please feel free to copy, paste and share the graphic!Tips and feedback very much appreciated – had a lot of fun creating this graphic to contribute to the community. Spread the word/graphic about ACF and its pretty amazing structure – thanks! [ACF Infographic – Grid Layout]( [ACF Infographic – Horizontal Layout](
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