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Unable to receive coin very confusing interface

Purchased Ardor at Bittrex and trying to move to wallet. Did a search for wallet and downloaded the ARDOR wallet and I have it open on desktop and it shows an address NXT-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXX which I tried to send to. Bittrex records it as being sent. But it's not showing up. I see a warning (red line at bottom of app) saying You are connected to Testnet. Tried sending 15 coins. Nothing and it is not clear why there is a warning, nor is it clear where the coins went. I googled and found a reddit post saying use the NXT wallet, so I created a NXT wallet and tried to send 10 coin to that wallet and it shows a transaction but still is showing a 0 balance. What is the process to store coins? Why when you download the ARDOR wallet are you not warned to not use it if you need the NxT wallet? Is the Ardor wallet in test mode? And have I just lost the coin I sent to these two addresses? This needs to be much simpler or some clarification as to what is the process to store your currency?
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