Core Dev Lior Yaffe of Jelurida will be Speaking at a Bigchain DB and IPDB Meetup in Berlin on August 2nd

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If you're looking for some reading material before this meetup, read Trent McConaghy's piece Tokenize the Enterprise (


Talk 1: Learnings from the Ignis ICO

Speaker: Lior Yaffe

Abstract: Lior will explain the process that Ignis went through for its ICO: what worked, what didn't, and things they'd do next time.

Bio: Lior, co-founder and managing director of Jelurida ( has worked in various technical roles in the IT industry over the past 20 years. In his last corporate job, Lior has managed the development of a leading mainframe integration product at Software AG. In 2014 after finding out about the blockchain revolution, Lior decided to leave everything else and focus on blockchain technology.

Talk 2: ICO – requirement of self regulation and German legal view

Speaker: Arnab Naskar and Nina Siedler

Abstract: Arnab andNina will talk about Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). While most of the audience will know what cryptographic tokens are from a technical perspective, the legal view of tokens do not seem widely recognized. Arnab focuses on the development of ICOs so far and explains why he believes that a self reulation of that market is now required. Nina takes a look at the legal aspects of ICOs in Germany and will give some practical insights relating to different kind of token features and their respective regulatory frameworks. Nina will share her insights of discussions with the German regulator.

Bio: Nina is partner of the international law firm DWF ( has eighteen years' experience in advising on finance transactions. She is further highly interested in new technology and advises FinTech companies as well as blockchain ventures. Nina is involved in many community efforts to push the blockchain technology, i.a. as Member-at-Large of the Board of IPDB Foundation (, advisor of the BlockchainHub Berlin (, founding member of the Blockchain Bundesverband ( and member of ISO/TC 307 ( and electronic distributed ledger technologies) Study Groups.

Bio: Arnab is the founder of SICOS (, an ICO advisory entity based in Luxembourg. He has a strong legal academic background in understanding legal issues related to smart contracts and ICO market. Arnab is an Indian qualified lawyer currently residing in Hamburg, Germany. He is also an organising member of the Innovationsforum Blockchain (

Talk 3: Views on the SEC Report of Investigation of The DAO

Speaker: Colin Nimsz

Abstract: Colin will give a brief discussion on the recent SEC Report: SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION SECURITIES EXCHANGE ACT OF 1934 Release No. 81207 / July 25, 2017Report of Investigation Pursuant to Section 21(a) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934: The DAO And give interpretation for what lies ahead.

Bio: Colin is CEO of UVEST ( and international impact investment start-up. Colin is a US Attorney whom held FINRA 66 and 7 trading licenses and has experience with securitization and taxation issues in both the US and Europe. He has had experience as a financial consultant and legal counsel for several Fortune 500 companies as well as a background in information technology.

Talk 4: Investment and utility functions of the token.

Speaker: Marcin Rudolf

Abstract: Tokens launched these days allow both to use and invest in a network, for example Ether is gas for smart contracts but thousands of people just use it to speculate on its value. Entangling those functions in one token has interesting consequences but also may cause several problems. In my talk I'll explain problems that may arise and where we could look for solutions.

Bio: Marcin currently leads the technology development at Neufund ( He has been tracking the development of blockchain technology for the past 6 years.

Before joining Neufund, he lead the technology development at the app search engine Xyo.

Previously, he was a developer and team leader in projects involving messaging and telecommunication (Orange), cryptography and mobile devices (Jamba Music), insurance and government (Fiat, Hewlett-Packard).


Note: we film the meetups to share the learnings with our online community afterwards. This means that attendees may be on some of the shared photos or video. If you absolutely do not want to be filmed, please reach out to us.