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4 Cryptocurrencies You Must Get Familiar With

4 Cryptocurrencies You Must Get Familiar With

The cryptocurrency market continues to expand at an impressive pace and right now there are more than 5,500 registered tokens available for people all around the world. Although Bitcoin, Ether, XRP, and Litecoin continue to dominate in terms of market capitalization, other altcoins have great potential and the public should get more familiar with them. Since the market is overwhelmed with Bitcoin-related content, this material will focus on four of the most promising tokens in 2020.

#1 Ardor

Ardor is a cryptocurrency project based on the open-source NXT blockchain, working like a blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) provider. It offers the blockchain infrastructure for businesses and institutions to set up their chains without needing to code or secure it. With the parent-child chain architecture, the Ardor blockchain is comprised of a single chain that is attached to multiple transactional chains. This is an ambitious project designed to compete with enterprise solutions like Microsoft Azure.

Powering the blockchain is ARDR, a token with a 998.999.495 circulating supply. It’s not mineable but supports tokenized child chains. Currently valued at 4.7 cents, the ARDR token is traded on some of the most popular exchange platforms as well as via cryptocurrency brokers. As enterprises are being attracted by blockchain-based solutions, this is one of the projects able to gain more traction in the years ahead.

Keep in mind that cloud computing, cross-platform functionality, stability, accessibility, and security are some of the top concerns for the business world. The software as a service model is very successful and is part of an industry worth approximately $76 billion a year. Ardor supports data cloud, account control, anonymity, and marketplace, maintaining control over network governance.

#2 Gnosis

Gnosis is a prediction market platform built as a dapp (decentralized application...

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