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New Proposal in Discussion: "To fork the latest stable version of Quark to Animecoin's specifications"

There is a new proposal on the Animecoin Community forum at the Bitcoin Forum. Please, post your opinion there. Together let's make ANI grow.
If the community would allow me, I am willing to fork the latest stable version of Quark to Animecoin's specifications, along with a few hard-coded checkpoints. Even though my reputation is not yet firmly established in the community, I only have 1 account (this one) and is theoretically more invested in keeping my good name than a newbie account that may be one of many. I am sure that Theymos can verify that by checking my IP address. My post history may also be perused if it will help quell any fears on my integrity.

Having said that, I am not willing to take the helm as Animecoin's lead developer. While I do believe that a community takeover is required based on Ani-chan's inactivity, I am much more comfortable serving as a "spare developer" rather than as the lead one. To be perfectly honest, good time management is not one of my strong suits and that is enough of a deterrent in this case.

Anyway, if the community wants me to fork Animecoin via Quark, then I will. If I do, I will only post a download link to the Windows version of the compiled wallet and a link to a Github page containing the original Quark source, the forked Animecoin source, a separate text file listing all changes to the code, and another separate text file listing the IDE and dependencies used to compile the wallet. If someone else with a trusted reputation would like to do all of these instead, then I would prefer that since that means that I don't have to.

Thank you, Relnarien, for your offer. I am always so happy when our community receives proposals like yours, because it proves to myself that I am not alone here: that there are others who also believe in Animecoin, and are willing to help it grow. It's really an honour, in my opinion, to receive the attention of people with know-how enough to improv...
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