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So what if Burundi Government buy amples ? Will it benefit the Government ?

Burundi gdp is $3 billions Their tax to gdp is 14,7% assuming they use all their tax to buy ample they can theorically buy (14,7% x $3 billions) / $400 millions (ampl gdp/ market cap) = 110% so they can buy the whole ampl ,100% of ampl network >What can they do with ampl ? They can accept ampl as legal tender besides their own currency They also can tax their citizen with ampl further increasing their ampl utilization >How will it benefit them ? By buying ampl they will have non diluted fixed ownership ,ampl being ethereum smart contract offer them free data that they can use they may use the data to calculate their gdp more effectively >Would not central bank enough for them ? Central bank can dilute the citizen's purchasing power, by using ampl they can have more trust from their citizen because there is no way ampl can dilute the citizen's purchasing power >Would not central bank just keep printing money to buy ampl ? That is why ampl and other dilution free cryptocurrencies should be made as the only legal tender this will stop potential dilution completely
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