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AMPL · 16w

Report AMPL day 7. Don't be weak hands.

Today it was a huge dip.. I started AMPL a week ago, and everyday i notice my bag + my rebase. 23/07 i buy the big part of my bag for 2.20 25/07 a bit more for 2$ 27/07 30% of my bag mor for 1.85. Today it's goes down to 1.11, i was still in profit until 1.14$ Result : Buy high, don't sell low for a week, and you will still be in profit. Of course it today too, but at 1.35 and not 1.11 :/ . (I'm still up 27% of my initial investment ). Ps : I know some will say "doesn't matter the price, it's not working like that", but for me it's the amount of money i will make at the end the more important :). Don't be weak hands, don't sell.
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