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Questions on pooling and Geyser

From my understanding to buy, pool and stake AMPL the process is: 1. Buy some ETH and put onto say a MetaMask wallet 2. Swap half that ETH to AMPL (possible via UniSwap) 3. Pool the AMPL which gives you LP tokens via UniSwap 4. Deposit LP tokens into AMPL Geyser (via the AMPL website) which pays you out AMPL depending on how much you deposited and for how long. ​ **Questions for the experts:** 1. Do you get all the LP tokens in step 3 above instantly? Or do you need to 'lock up' your AMPL and you're drip fed the tokens? What happens to your AMPL at this point? 2. Can you just buy the LP tokens directly and skip step 1-3 above? 3. When you deposit the LP tokens into the AMPL Geyser, do you get the LP tokens back or are they lost? 4. What happens if you don't have a 50:50 ratio of Eth and your target ERC20 Token at the point of pooling? Thank-you, Sam
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