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Providing Liquidity in Geyser

Hey, I put some money in the geyser back when V1 launched and now looking at moving it over to V2. I have some questions about it I don't understand. 1. If I put in 20,000 USD worth of Eth/Ampl, and Eth goes to 1k USD and Ampl stays at 70 cents, seemingly, 250% increase in Eth price, my total worth of USD would stay 20k$ correct? And the pool would just balance out the Eth/Ampl accordingly? 2. If I am staking in the Geyser, why would I switch to V2? It seems the reward is higher when less people are in the pool. 3. Is there any plan to give us the option to receive AMPL earned through the Geyser sent to a wallet so that we do no have to pull out of the Geyser to get the rewarded Ampl?
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