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Noob questions

Hello everyone, I can't even comprehend the articles and stuff so I wanted to ask you guys instead. Three noob questions hopefully you can answer kindly: 1. I noticed that Geyser staking and just holding in wallet for rebase are two different things. If I stay in Geyser, do I still get rebase? Or do I get a separate Geyser bonus that is (from what I read) not as good of a return? 2. I noticed that I need to send Uniswap my ETH and AMPL for Geyser staking. Do I get these back when I withdrawal? It seems weird because I had to trade my ETH/AMPL for that specialized staking token, so when I withdrawal, do I just get that token back and somehow have to convert it into my original ETH and AMPL? How come there is no instructions on how to properly withdrawal to ensure I get my initial investment back? 3. I read that just keeping the coins in wallet and rebasing is a better rate of return than what Geyser has to offer. So why are people even bothering with Geyser? I think even with 3x bonus and whatnot, it's still better to just rebase in wallet at the current rebase I wrong? Thank you very much. After staking in Geyser, I read that its better to just hold in wallet (better rate of return) so I want to withdraw, but I am afraid I will lose my principal coins invested if I do that so I ask these questions.
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