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No Rebase in my Ledger Address from yesterday?

Hey guys. New with AMPL. I have 3/5 of my stack on Uniswap/Geyser via my Ledger. Yesterday I bought the other 2/5 part and just put on the SAME ledger but a different address. Today, I notice there was no deposit into the new address, as in the other address. But, the deposit on my Uniswap Ledger address was around 20%, not the expected 10%. For comparisons sake, yesterday the rebase was app. 18% for me. I am imagining that that is where both went to? How did it work out like this? Maybe it has to do with the addresses being HD? edit - I don't think the HD thing can be true as Uniswap is in control of my coins. When I check the address I used for that, I see no deposit. edit 2 - I can see it in my Zapper! But only works out to 13% or so??? Maybe Uniswap adds the rebases over time, that is why I got the 18% figure? Guess it is reading the smart contract? Strange that it is not on Etherscan though. Hope that helps someone in the same position. But, how do I send the new ones out if I wanted? Does it take time to confirm or ???
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