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Newbie question: Meaning of the days in the staking menu

Hello! I hope you can help me out. I'd like to try some defi. Ampleforth seems really cool! It solves problems for today and has a vision for tomorrow. But the past days I was dismayed by how high the gas fees were (but also happy about the ETH in my portfolio :) Basically, I would to deposit an amount that's not too large, but does allow to at least break even. And I'm not really sure what the number of days means in the staking menu. * Does this mean that the contract will end after 47 days and the funds have to be withdrawn? And I can't lock the funds for eight weeks and get the optimal reward modifier? * Or will the geyser continue to bestow rewards? An instruction video mentions the program duration, but that's about a pilot program from April 2020. ([]( Thank you for your help! For other newbies: I found this website and it seems helpful for knowing when not to deposit or withdraw []( (But I assume more experienced people use apps to determine optimal gas fees.)
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